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Animation Resources

The A+ Examples Google Folder is the #1 link that can help you. 

Visit it often!

RUBRICS are ALWAYS at the bottom of every instruction document.


ALL INSTRUCTIONS are posted in eKadence.

Agenda Calendar

Tips & Benefits:

Career pathway

Career Pathway Class

An A ~ G Class

Digital Literacy Class

VPA Class

Capstone Class for: Media Production Arts Career Pathway


Applications for the Career Pathway Cords generally come out every February and is due in March.  Ask your counselor or CTE Teacher for more info.

Field Trips

Field Trip & Film Festival Opportunities!

Join Graphic Communications for a chance at field trips and scholarships!


 Such as:

  Siggraph Arts Convention Field Trips (2017

  California Adventures Storytelling Field Trip (2018)


  AUHSD District Film Festival (2017) (interview) (Animation)


Awards Ceremony

Open House Award Ceremony

Top students in Digital Animation will be awarded plaques or certificates at our Open House Award Ceremony!


You will receive a letter prior if you are receiving an award on Open House.


Location:  Media Center

When:  Open House


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Awards Ceremony

Talk to ACME Animators!

As a Digital Animation student at Cypress High School, you qualify to speak and show off your animation to professional animators through the ACME network for free!


Real industry animators can help provide feedback and mentor you at least twice a month!


Location:  Inside the classroom

When:  During class-time


2017 Perod 3

"Don't animate drawings, animate feelings!"

Ollie Johnston

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