Summer Tech Camp

SBAC Testing starts in 3rd grade and it is a computer-based test.  Knowing the answers to the test questions is no longer enough.  Typing quickly and mastering technology will now play a major factor in how well your child scores on state testing and school projects.  A child needs to be able to input and compose answers using various forms of technology such as iPads, Chromebooks, Desktop Computers, and more before he or she reaches junior high!

This is where Mrs. Chang’s Summer Tech Camp can help your child!  Perfecting the touch-typing technique will increase a child’s confidence during class projects and computer-based tests.  Gaining an understanding of how to seamlessly move between various forms of technology will help him or her navigate future technology with ease.

On April 16, 2016, Time Magazine published an article on how important being creative with technology and social media is on the "NEW College Application".

If you do not have a account, please contact Mrs. Chang.
Or you can search for the April 16, 2016 issue of Time Magazine at the local library.

As a parent you can customize what your child learns during the summer tech camp.  


For the 2017 summer camp here are your choices:


1. Touch Typing Unit

2. SBAC Tutoring

3. Photoshop Basics

4. Webpage Design

5. Coding with Ozobots

6. Digital Animation

7. Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides)

8. Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher)



You may choose any 3 from the above list for the 3-week summer tech camp.  It is recommended for first-time students to choose the Touch-Typing Unit as one of the 3 choices to establish a solid foundation for future units.



For returning students, you may choose from any of the items on the list.  You may also choose the Touch Typing Unit again to enhance and reinforce your touch-typing skills as well.