Private Tutoring

Private technology tutoring is available either at your house or at Mrs. Chang's house in Cypress Village. 

Child should be between the ages of 6 to 14 (1st grade to 8th grade) to qualify for private technology tutoring with Mrs. Chang.  

Mrs. Chang will tutor students in Cypress Village, Woodbury, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Custom tutoring plans can be created to fit your schedule to learn a specific technical skill set.  

For example:

  • Touch Typing

  • Webpage Design

  • Video creations on iPad

  • How best to use Chromebook for SBAC testing

  • Google Drive for iPad and/or Chromebook

  • How to use Microsoft Word for creating presentations, essays, etc.

  • How to use Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations

  • How to use Ozoblockly for coding projects

  • Or any class project that requires technology use

The purpose of the private tutoring is to help the child become comfortable with technology.  Once young children discover and learn a specific technology skill set they will develop their own life-long skills to discover and learn on their own.  This is what educators call "life-long learning".  Below is an excerpt from Dr. Price-Mitchell's article:

What sets Mrs. Chang's tech tutoring apart from others is that Mrs. Chang is a California Credentialed Teacher in the subject of Business and Math with a Masters in Educational Technology.  She has over 15 years of experience teaching full-time in a public school in the subject of technology.  Currently, she is a full-time technology (CTE) teacher at Cypress High School.


The majority of private school teachers are not California Credentialed since a credential is not a requirement for private schools.  Most public school teachers are not credentialed in Business and Math.  If they are fortunate to receive those two credentials, it is rare to have such a teacher with a Masters focused in Educational Technology.


Being specifically a technology teacher, Mrs. Chang is very familiar with the demands of the SBAC Testing.  Lastly, she has two young children who are currently going through the educational system in Irvine so she is aware of the demands of technology at IUSD.

Unfortunately, being a full-time credentialed teacher her availability is limited.  Please call and schedule ahead to secure your tutoring hours if you are interested.  Her hourly rate is $40/hour.  

If you feel tech tutoring is right for your child, please feel free to call or text 949-385-3399.


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