Three levels of trophies

Coding with Ozoblockly

Creating Code using Colors

Coding with Ozobots

Team coding battles

Learning to chart with Spreadsheets

Coding with Ozoblockly

Coding & Typing

Prizes Time!

Serious Photoshopping

Photoshopping with multiple layers

Essays and letters

Team work with Photoshop

2018-06-14 15.35.42

Students drawing on Photoshop

2018-06-15 14.58.16

Students collaborate and assist each other in learning technology

2018-06-15 15.24.42

Father's Day Project

2018-06-15 14.00.14

Never too young to learn to type! Kaylin started at 5 years old, before kindergarten.

Addressing Envelopes

Composing letters, addressing envelopes, and dropping it off at the post office.


Students draw and edit images using Photoshop


Students draw and edit images using photoshop

2016-07-01 15.54.05

Students design and create their own webpage.

2016-06-29 15.03.04

Students love to play NitroType once they mastered the keyboard.

2016-06-29 16.51.24

Students learn how to navigate through the State SBAC Test using both a laptop and chromebook.

2016-07-01 16.58.53

Students earn their Typing Awards once they complete the summer camp classes.

2016-07-01 16.59.03

Awards given at the end of the summer camp classes.

2016-06-29 17.02.06

A paragraph typed within a few minutes on the SBAC test after the students have mastered the keyboard.

Improved 10+ WPM in 2 weeks

Students improved 10+ WPM in 2 weeks

Google Drive Group Project

Students work together to create projects using their IUSD accounts

Microsoft Word Project

Students connect relevancy between technology and how it can be applied to the real world.

Fruit Ninja Typing

Fun Typing Games keeps students motivated & learning

Ad-Free Online Typing Program

Typing Games

Various typing games to choose from.

2016-06-09 14.31.25

Students work on individual laptops.

2016-06-09 14.31.30

Students work on Touch Typing

2016-06-10 14.56.37

Collaboration to reinforce skills learned.

2016-06-10 14.56.40

Students work in pairs to memorize the keys on the keyboard.

2016-06-09 15.04.28

Various fine motor skills activities are given to make the experience fun!

2016-07-01 22.20.05-1

Students improve dramatically within just a few weeks after they learn how to touch type on the keyboard.

2016-06-30 11.47.15

Students improve dramatically within just a few weeks after they learn how to touch type on the keyboard.

Positive Mindset Wall

Positive Mindset Wall

2016-06-29 15.04.24

Students award each other with their typing trophies at the end of the class.

2016-07-01 22.31.18


Mrs. Chang has a BA in Economics from UCLA, MAED in Ed Tech from Concordia


Cypress Village, Irvine

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